BSTLC is proud to be a Fund Ambassador supporting the Southend Emergency Fund.

As a Fund Ambassador, our role is to promote the fund through our networks and social media platforms which, naturally, we are more than happy to do.

If you have Southend-based networks through which you can share the information, please do also consider becoming a Fund Ambassador

What is the Southend Emergency Fund?


Southend Emergency Fund from Church from Scratch on Vimeo.

A great deal of work is being done at both local and national levels to support people who are being adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic but unfortunately, it is inevitable that some people will fall through the net because they either aren’t sure how to access the support they need and/or they are not eligible.

Some people were struggling even before this crisis. Others are now in a position they would never have dreamed possible only a few short weeks ago.

Many of these people are relying on charities and community groups to provide the support they need, but many of these organisations are in crisis themselves as their normal manner of working has been impacted and their fundraising activities almost completely curtailed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Southend Emergency Fund, working in association with existing organisations, community groups and charities who are already working with vulnerable people, has been created to provide financial support needed by many people in the borough.

The fund will be managed on a very agile basis with funds only being allocated for a short period of time to those groups that are still able to operate effectively in the community.

The fund awards committee meets at least weekly to receive a report on funds available and consider applications for funding.

Who is behind the Southend Emergency Fund?

The fund was started by a small group of individuals who wanted to harness the generosity of Southend people who may be able to relieve the hardship suffered by others in the borough. But there is now a growing team of individuals and organisations backing this initiative.

Could you help?

We appreciate many people are in a delicate financial situation themselves, but if you are able to donate anything from £1 upwards, anonymously if you prefer, it would be appreciated.


However, if you are unable to donate you can still help by becoming a Fund Ambassador or just sharing this information on social media.

Applying for Funds

Individuals cannot apply directly to the fund, but if you are a support agency working with individuals and families in Southend, you can make an application.

For more information about applying for funds, including application forms: