Let’s be honest. Even if we have a reasonable disposable income, we couldn’t support every single good cause that we would like to. We would soon be broke ourselves!!

We all have good causes that are closest to our heart. They might relate to children, elderly, animal welfare, disabilities, mental health, cancer support…….. The list is endless. Did you know that in Southend alone there are hundreds of charities, community groups, educational establishments, and social enterprises all providing wonderful services, and all needing our support as funding from other sources such as the public section is continually being cut?

Good causes need to be ‘sexy’ to gain the most traction, hence the power of Red Nose Day and Children in Need. They need to unabashedly pull at the heartstrings – and long may that continue! It works.

But that’s a real challenge for us.

BSTLC doesn’t pull at the heartstrings in the same way as other good causes do. And yet we provide a service that, pound for pound, is probably more effective than most in ‘making a difference.’


Because we encourage businesses to support the local community.

Because if we can create a mindset change where businesses of all sizes are all doing a little bit in their local community to make a difference, the overall impact will be HUGE.

Because, as a simple example, if you give £5 to a foodbank it will purchase £5 of food. If you give £5 to BSTLC, we’ll get the business community spurred in to action and maybe we’ll collect £500 worth of food.

Or maybe we’ll encourage 10 business people to become mentors and that, in turn, could change the lives of 200 young people. That’s priceless!

We call this the Power of Leverage. We make stuff happen!

Just to clarify: BSTLC CIC is a community interest company, a not-for-profit social enterprise, limited by guarantee. We aren’t funded. The directors don’t take a salary. But we are committed to making a difference.

We don’t normally need external support for day to day operations. We generally operate on a very low-cost, high-impact basis. But we want to increase our impact with new IT platforms and additional marketing, so we can reach even more businesses and, in turn, support even more good cause.

So please support our fundraising campaign. Donate if you can but even if you can’t please help by spreading the word direct to friends, family, and work colleagues. And, of course, on social media using the hashtag #supportBSTLC (See social media links below)

Do please have a look at our crowdfunding page. There’s a lot more information including a short video with many local charities explaining how we have helped them.

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