What are Supported Internships?


Supported Internships in Southend are managed by South Essex College.

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The Supported Internship is for students who are aged 18-24 with learning difficulties/disabilities who want to be given the chance to work. They do this by working at an employer for a minimum six months­­­, completely unpaid to gain experience in the working environment with the main goal to achieve sustainable paid employment although we know this cannot be guaranteed.

They will have a Job Coach to support them throughout the programme who will work with them during tasks and make sure everything is going smoothly. The Job Coach will also liaise with and support the business during the programme to ensure all parties benefit from the programme.

Importantly, students on the Supported Internship programme are eager to work and invariably prove to be loyal and productive employees.

We’re only looking for them to work two days a week (Tues-Fri) and hours will depend on what is suitable for the business and for our learner. Normally we start them off doing four hour shifts to start and then gradually increase when they’re confident and have settled in.

Students start the programme in September and are based in the classroom for the first six weeks to ensure they are ‘work-ready’ and understand the basic disciplines required in the workplace.

We would hope that they could start their work placements after the half term in October/ beginning of November.

Students will continue to study at the College while on their placements to improve their Maths and English skills together with any enterprise activities suggested by the employer.

Are you a Southend-based business keen to support young people and give them a chance to succeed in the workplace? Are you interested in finding out more about Supported Internships?  For more informations, email: supportedinternship@southessex.ac.uk