Treasurers Wanted for Community Groups and Charities in Southend

 If you are an accountant, bookkeeper, or have other areas of financial expertise, have you ever considered volunteering as a Treasurer for a community group or small local charity?

As mentioned in our previous article Trustees Wanted, some trustees take on specific roles and becoming a treasurer is a common role taken on by board members. However, it is not always a requirement that the treasurer is also a trustee.

Below we have detailed two specific positions for treasurers wanted for Southend charities. Should these positions have been filled, or if you are considering offering your expertise and filling a treasurer’s role in the future, you may wish to leave your details with Gemma Cartwright at SAVS as she can inform you of future opportunities.

But first, some more general information.

The role of a treasurer will vary considerably according to the size and type of the community group or charity.

Many guides exist to assist treasurers of different types and sizes of charity to understand and carry out their role.

 The Honorary Treasurers Forum offers support and networking for those who take the role of Treasurer on non-profit boards. They publish the free Honorary Treasurer’s Handbook. The Forum also runs regular meetings, provide updates and briefings, carry out research and produce other helpful publications.

In the broadest possible terms, the treasurer helps trustees carry out their financial responsibilities. They might do this by:

  • In small charities and community groups, taking on some or all day to day financial duties, such as book-keeping, budgeting, and preparation of reports;
  • Presenting financial reports to the board in a format that helps the board understand the charity’s financial position;
  • Advising the board on how to carry out its financial responsibilities;
  • Liaising with professional advisors
  • Overseeing the preparation and scrutiny of annual accounts and liaising with the organisation’s auditors.

Treasurer wanted for homeless charity Off the Streets

Off the Streets was formed by a group of concerned residents who felt that more needed to be done to help rough sleepers, and to give them a better chance to move along in their journey.

Off the Streets not only finds accommodation for rough sleepers, but it also helps them start the next phase of their lives.

Off the Streets works closely with HARP and all the other support organisations in Southend.  It is now a registered charity and, as it is growing rapidly, urgently needs someone to look after the finances. This very flexible role is ideal for anyone with a financial background who is also passionate about helping the homeless.

Contact Del Thomas by telephone: 07547 322809 or email:

Branch Treasurer Wanted – Southend RNLI

As the title suggests, this role specifically relates to the Southend branch of the RNLI.

Southend RNLI needs little introduction, and yet we sometimes take this charity for granted.

As most local people will be aware, Southend lifeboats were called out on numerous occasions this summer, helping to save people’s lives. And yet every single member of the lifeboat crew is a volunteer, as are the various people who provide background support.

The main duties of the Branch Treasurer’s involve the following activities:

  • Controlling financial transactions relating to the branch
  • Maintaining accurate records of financial transactions (online since 2013, so internet access required)
  • Presenting a financial report at branch/guild meetings and completing an annual statement of accounts
  • Attending branch meetings and assist at fundraising events and activities
  • Encouraging and welcoming a diverse group of new members/supporters into the RNLI

Contact the Gemma by email for more information and to express your interest:

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay